Sign up process

  1. If you are a new supplier, then sign up with Webportunities to get your login credentials.
  2. You will then receive an email with Subject: Confirm Webportunities sign up.
  3. Click on the link supplied in the email to confirm your sign up.
  4. You will then receive a second email with Subject: Welcome to Webportunities in which your login details will be supplied.
  5. You can now login with the details supplied, enable your business advertising profile and register with buyers of choice.


Tara Nawa Computer Software Solutions and its owners are providing their services "as is", on behalf of a range of buyer organizations. Any party making use of the services offered on this website automatically indemnifies Tara Nawa Computer Software Solutions and its owners against any loss, liability, damage and/or expenses incurred of whatever nature. This includes, but is not limited to the possible non availability of this website, and subsequent late submission of quotations, unclear or vague descriptions of requirements contained in the buyers' lists of "Immediate" and "Long term" requirements (also known as shopping lists) and inaccurate information displayed in the buyers' lists of "Outstanding Orders".

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Warning to Login for file downloads
Please Note that Buyers' files cannot be downloaded unless you are logged in with your login credentials and you are registered with the relevant Buyer.
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