Registered Supplier Advantage – Winning new business...

Joining Webportunities increases your quoting/tendering capability, your visibility to customers and increases your presence in the marketplace which equates to opening opportunities to expand your business and increasing revenues while reducing tendering costs.
RFQ (Request for Quotation) functionality for suppliers is now available. This is very similar to what the Buyers are using and will assist the supplier to obtain highly competitive prices for his own procurement requirements.

Suppliers’ tenders and quotations submitted via the Webportunities portal are preferred by buyers as it facilitates the automation of the tenders and contracts management process with resulting benefits as below.

  • It significantly reduces evaluation and processing time, and speeds up feedback to suppliers
  • It eliminates errors due to manual capturing of data
  • It is confidential, secure and cannot be changed
  • It is subject to a totally transparent and unbiased evaluation mechanism, using evaluation criteria as specified in the buyer's procurement policies
  • It is stored electronically (manual filing not required) for future reference and audit purposes

Via Webportunities you are able to monitor up to the minute order status, provide feedback, 24/7 access to open purchase orders and download reports. Utilising the feedback feature allows notification of order movements and delivery details including dates, you can also add comments which are directly visible to the buyers. These features allow you to ensure your business is constantly aware of and viewing the latest information regarding your orders.

Monitor and manage your ‘Price Agreements/Contracts’ directly via the portal. Orders placed against your ‘Price Agreement/Contract” reflects the current agreed prices as visible in the facility.

You can proactively request price corrections or contract price adjustments where necessary directly through the portal. This eliminates "price queries" on orders and delayed payments to you.

If you have paid a buyer registration fee, then there is no extra cost to advertise your company on our supplier directory. Our online directories offer a feature rich, user-friendly and self-managed advertising facility. Link your company to Materials Groups/services and Brand Names to allow our search engines to promote your products or services to potential buyers. If you only wish to actively advertise your business and not quote to buyers, you then only need to register with Webportunities Advertising for marketing exposure.

Access to business document library where you can download generic documents for use internally within your organisation. 365 paid registration days are needed for access.

  • Forms
  • Policies
  • Procedures
  • Training
  • OH&S
  • Inspections/Audits
  • Hazard management
  • Check lists
  • Business Plans
  • Inductions
  • Registers
  • Plus more

In most companies, procurement policies require buyers to obtain one, three or more quotations or tenders from suppliers. This is normally based on the value of the goods or services to be purchased.

If a supplier is part of a large group of suppliers for a product category or service, or the buyer does not know about a supplier's capability to supply the product or service, the chance of missing out on an opportunity to quote is very good.

Through Webportunities, registered suppliers are able to proactively submit quotations for goods or services of choice, on a continuous basis and without having to be invited by the buyer to submit a quotation.

Webportunities is used by procurement professionals across a wide variety of industries such as: mining, manufacturing, construction, insurance and government sectors. In addition businesses visit Webportunities looking for potential suppliers via our Business Directory page.

Your companies listing in our Online Business Directory is part of your buyer registration improving your visibility and showcasing your capabilities to multiple potential customers. You are able to access and update your company listing at any time.

Our Online Business Directory is actively marketed by us both nationally and internationally bringing buyers to you. As a registered supplier you will have marketing exposure through our global portals in Australasia, Africa and North America.

By utilising Webportunities’s online quoting system, the time and cost to compile quotations/tenders is significantly reduced. Your tenders/quotes are submitted via Webportunities directly to the buyer for evaluation, without the need to physically arrange submission.

In addition, documents that are routinely required as part of the submissions process such as; brochures, product catalogues, insurance certificates etc. are stored within Webportunities and accessible to your potential customers.

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